Thursday Doors, 30/5/19: Ljubljana

Two weeks ago I visited Slovenia, my country of origin, for the birthday week and was fighting rain most of the time. Still, one has to eat and shoot doors, so we went to visit my sister and then had a lovely lunch together at TaBar.

I’ll show you food another time, this is Thursday, the door day, the day that knocked the socks off me, for the first time this year! I had a walk in sandals and felt almost too hot in jeans. Finally! The sky has all covered back by now and we had some more rain but it’s a start.

Now let me take you to my sister’s apartment in the centre of Ljubljana for some tea, or coffee, and her door with a brand new paint job done by a friend. It’s lovely!

Included are some more doorless photos from her building and some doors we met on our walk to TaBar in the old Ljubljana which came recommended by the nation’s top food critic. Consider it an insider’s tip. Welcome!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. Beautiful doors, Manja:) Your sister is fortunate, to go through that nice door every time she enters, or comes back to it.But the staircase is amazing! As you know I am Dutch, so I grew up and the whole time I lived in Holland I walked all kinds of stairs.

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  2. A nice little journey, thank you. Obvs I liked the graffiti streets, but the water fountain stole the show for me. What a great thing to have in an apartment block.

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    1. Thanks, Scooj, I like that sink too. This time I was quite amazed at the quality of street art in Ljubljana. Not these bits but proper stuff. But I saw it at night and was without my camera. I hope they wait for my return in the summer.

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  3. The entrance door to your sister’s building is stunning as is her wine red door as well.
    I got out of breath just looking at that staircase though, but it is a beauty from a different era.
    The arches shot at the end is super as well. Another great post!

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  4. One must shoot doors.

    You are a delight, ha ha! I have been feeling the same way about the weather: though the rain still falls some days, the temperature has relented and I don’t have to wear a coat and scarf anymore. Yay!! I love that red door, and all the arches, and the beautiful dysfunctional fountain.

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