Friendly Friday grandmaster design

I’m quite sure that Snow Melts Somewhere had a different kind of design in mind for her and Amanda’s Friendly Friday photo challenge but I’m letting nature win this. Only proper.

All today’s photos were taken in the last two weeks, the majority during my first sockless walk yesterday. (Today was even a nicer day and I had another. I got bitten by ants. Socks are not all bad.)

To start with, there are three photos from the lovely 50th birthday celebration of a friend back in Slovenia with designs that caught my mouth, I mean eye.

We continue with three images from Rome where a cat house is waiting for a proper, brand new, incoming white cat. I can’t wait to see how bestia reacts when we next come on a visit! Generally he is wary of cats because a couple attacked him once unprovoked. But she is so young and female, I’m sure they will be friends.

And then I let nature take over during my yesterday’s lengthy walk to the station, slowly but surely, ending with a poppy explosion. They begged me for my camera to take a selfie and I let them. There it is in the featured photo.

For the very end, today I put the greeting card that I got for my birthday in a tree as promised. It says:

Trees are poems the Earth writes upon the sky.

Khalil Gibran

Thank you again, Miralem.

Conclusion: I live in a remarkable setting designed by the grandmaster.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere

Created with Adobe Spark


  1. Lovely post. Poppies are called coquelicot in French. There’s an old song about them. The wheat fields in France used to have many poppies on the sides, but most are gone now because of pesticides…
    Buon finale di settimana.

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  2. Ok, several comments.

    I absolutely adore poppies.
    I love your contemplative dog.
    I love that mouth-watering cake.
    Don’t complain about cherries. Our trees are blossoming just yet, so it’ll take a while till we try first cherries this year.

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  3. Great photographs, Manja! Your posts are always delightful, but this one is just special with all the poppies and the ‘Above & Below’! It’s fun seeing the weekly themes interpreted in so many ways. Nature is a possibly the best designer around. I gazed up at a tree today that’s estimated to be about 1,400 years old!! 😊

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      1. You do live in a most beautiful environment, Manja! Warm temperatures have been slow to arrive, even here where I’m visiting in California. I will post about the tree and its friends when I get back this week. 😊

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  4. I love all your photos and the explosion of colour! I can see how you could be so inspired by these surroundings … and yes, the cake too 🙂

    It would never have occurred to me to put my camera on the ground and let it shoot upwards (I’m assuming with the use of the timer?). Now I’m inspired and want to give it a try!!

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  5. Manja…the poppies!!!!!!!All your posts are vibrant and have such a nice story to them but this one is probably my most favorite:) The photos are happy and sunny and bright and beautiful. I was just thinking about you the other day (I have not been that active of late and missing out on a lot) and Snow’s post today led me to this….and I am glad that i decided to log into my account. I hope you are doing well…sending hugs.

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    1. Yeah! Great to hear from you, Moon. I’m glad to hear you were thinking of me and that you like this one so much. All well here, the heat is slowly building up. I hope you’re having a good start of summer.

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