Pic and a Word Challenge #189: It’s so quiet

Today there is plenty to be found around here: a beautiful song, a haiku, and some of the mortacci mia – my and the nation’s dead at the Slovenian largest cemetery. Yesterday my grandmother would have been almost 100.

First a song that came to mind immediately after thinking of Slovenian word for “quiet”: tih. Tihe so njive (“Quiet are the fields”) by Slovenian singer/songwriter Tomaž Pengov.

Since I usually write a poem on Sundays, here is a haiku.

Quiet “e” makes “quite” “quit”
quietly. Then guilt guiles quilts.
Guilty. I Quito.

And finally, here is a memory from last summer when I walked to the Žale Cemetery with my mother, like we used to do every November 1st to visit our dead. Slovenians tend to overdo death – the graves, the candles, the works. As if it’s easier to take care of people once they are dead.

Here are graves of some soldiers, artists, mothers, fathers and some others, including two of my grandparents and two sets of my great-grandparents. They might be quiet but their graves speak and this is what I heard.

And here we are, four generations of women, making sure that I don’t fall, from the oldest to the youngest: Ivana, Nada, Meta, Manja.

Photo: Father.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #189: Quiet


    1. Hm, Jože Gazvoda was a skier, internet tells me, and he is still alive. In here lies Srečko Gazvoda. Maybe he was a pilot. 🙂 (Even though internet doesn’t know anything about it.)


      1. They celebrate their loved ones! Danish cemeteries are beautiful too, in a different way. Unfortunately, Aussie cemeteries are dark and gloomy, often full of dead weeds!

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  1. Yes, the final photo is the best of course. But here you share so many wonderful cemetery photos! In a way, I don’t worry if someone did too much at a gravesite, because then folks like us can wander through and look at it all. I like the red glass candles – nice touch. Are they lit at particular times? Thank you for showing me the grave of the architect. I think the understatement (particularly in that amazing cemetery) is profound and a reason for reflection.

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      1. Ohh, we all know who he was. 🙂 He is the architect superstar! There are so many landmarks in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia designed by him. That’s why I was even more amazed at his humble grave.

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