Friendly Friday shadow

Today’s Friendly Friday photo challenge is even friendlier than usually. Let me present you my shadow of the last six years. Bestia welcomed us and vice versa six years ago today. I couldn’t ask for a better shadow.

I’ve posted this photo already and chances are I will do so again. It is my first photo of our dog immediately after amore brought him home, closed the gate and put him down. I have never seen such a together and at home dog at two months. I was expecting something fragile to take care of and then got this:

❤ at first sight.

Let’s see how it was then and how it is now by way of some shadow photos. First a trio of beach life images:

Here are some more shadow photos. Other shadows can be found in the post Shadowlands from February. And here is a poem about a little witch in the shadows.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About

Friendly Friday


  1. Dogs love being our shadows don’t they? And we love them for it. You have found some excellent images. Love the ‘one, two, three’ shadows and you are right about the final one. Beautiful, cozy light that caresses the subjects. Bestia is so cute!!

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      1. When I choose the prompt for each week, I usually do a search on wordpress to check that another challenge hasn’t listed the prompt recently. Photographers seem to like similar word prompts, it appears. Nice that you had no problem finding some more. And I really liked the ones you found! Particularly seeing your ‘shadow’ as a dear little puppy.

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    1. Oh, Lexi, I had a feeling that caption was misleading. It was the sign that was left on the station, not the dog! The dog is bestia at 2 years. 😀 Anyway, I’m glad you’re awakened. Maybe time for a new post? I still have your Bhutan doors as my desktop background. 😉


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