Thursday Doors, 13/6/19: Drama, Ljubljana

It might sound funny to an English-speaking person when this city bus stop is announced: “Next stop, Drama.” But this is the name of Slovenian National Theatre which has occupied this lovely Art Nouveau building since 1919.

Drama is such a useful word. In our pack it can mean many things, including snow. For amore there are few dramas worse than snow. In the winter father often reports how many centimetres of drama has fallen overnight.

It was a rainy day so no wonder that these photos look as if having been taken in a leafy November, not this May. We rounded the corner and there it was. For a moment I wondered if it had always been as pretty. It’s good what a little distance can do. You start to appreciate more what you once took for granted.

The featured photo is the church next door though, Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity. I prefer its doors to Drama’s. Serves it right for having nice but all same old white doors!

As for the current situation in the south of Tuscany: the car just showed 36 degrees C (96.8). Outside, not in. We will have to invent a season beyond summer.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. Oh, the Drama! All those doors for entering stage right and exiting stage left. The actors must be inspired by the hand gestures of the architecture. I do love the curling walkway and can imagine twirling in its tiny curlicue at the end wondering how to get out. Your hometown is a grand dames, Manhattan.

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  2. I like this kind of drama! Haha, Beautiful buildings, ManjaI almost forgot – for me riding a bike in the rain is normal, lol.Yeah, here in California it was 91 degr. on Monday – now it’s 86 degr I believe!

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  3. Some dramatically beautiful doors at your place of drama. And the surrounding area proved bountiful on the door front too.
    If he loves white *drama* so much, we’ll really have to work on getting Amore here in the winter then. We’ll take you curling… 😀
    36°C already? Uhhm not for me thanks. That would create some serious drama for me.

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    1. Hehe, thanks, Norm. See how different we are? You should see the look in his eyes when I told him that you invite him to go curling with him. In the winter! 😀 I know, Toronto is not really close, but congratulations, Canada, for winning the NBA. It’s almost like Slovenian cyclist won Giro d’Italia (but he didn’t).


  4. I love how you saw things you’ve never noticed before, Manja. One always experiences a city different as a resident than a visitor. We just returned from Portugal, and it was rather cold. Very unlike the temperatures you have in Tuscany at the moment. Just keep driving when it stays too hot. 😉

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    1. Indeed, Jolandi, thank you. I’m so glad to return now after all this Italy in my mind and see how well it compares, the beauty of Slovenia. 🙂 Here it’s getting really hot. I’m sure Portugal will follow but I don’t know when you will be able to return.


      1. Interestingly enough, our first three days in Portugal was hot (around 34 C), but then it got cold. It initially dropped down to 18 C and then at least returned to 24 C in the middle of the day. We would hopefully be able to do another trip at the end of August, when it should be much hotter. I think we currently prefer warmer to colder weather. 🙂 Enjoy your summer.

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  5. It’s true that when we look with ‘new’ eyes at something familiar it’s like we are seeing it for the first time. I like how you presented each of the doors with their unique feature, however my favourite photo is the curved addition to connect the two buildings. Wow! Full points to the architect who came up with this design! … and yay! to you for noticing it 🙂

    36C is much too hot for me. While the rest of the city is complaining about our cool temperatures (currently 17 on our way to the low 20s), I’m ok with it. At least it’s not raining – again 🙂

    btw – I also think of snow as drama 😉

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    1. Thank you, Joanne! I was quite astonished when I saw that connecting feature. And I know that I could be living there all my life and never notice it without my increased awareness due to Italy, photography, blogging. 🙂 And giggles to the last: you are in the wrong country then, methinks. 😉


  6. We visited Slovenia and the Julian Alps in 1998 and really liked it. Triglav National Park just fabulous, in Lubljana it was simply too hot due to August, so my memories are somehow vanished regarding the capital of Slovenia. 😎

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    1. I had a look around your blog and found one post on Mangart. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the mountains. Yes, the summer is only good for the Alps or the sea. Ljubljana is best in April or May, in October too with all the colours. I hope you return one day! And yet where I live (southern Tuscany) it’s so much hotter in the summer that Ljubljana feels nice in comparison. 🙂

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      1. 34 degrees C actually in Berlin in June (6 degrees hotter than usual) … last year nearly the same … the Alps and summerfreshness waiting for us in August, not yet clear where we go … Mangart was a real nice trip, my wife also climbed on Mt. Triglav, a bit more challenging indeed! A nice summer in Tuscany e arrividerci @ Ulli 😎

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