Thursday Doors, 27/6/19: Malta

Porta salutis! Today an atypical location for me, simply because I haven’t been there yet. Today’s photos come courtesy of my travelling uncle to celebrate his coming over right about now.

At first I intended not to reveal the location and let you guess. How soon would you recognise the country?

Yes, uncle was in Malta last September and took these photos in the scope of three days in the same order as posted. I’m not able to give you any detailed info on the places, but you can always ask, and my uncle will explain where he was if he can remember.

He gave me 620 photos, and only these and a few more were remotely of doors. And yet you can see the potential. Architecture is gorgeous and I know I’d have a blast there. Thank you for this teaser, uncle!

When he arrives here in Tuscany we will go on a trip or two, but taking photos of doors in this heat is about the last thing I wish to do. And then he will take me to Slovenia, the green green land of home, for a month or so. I like this exchange: when crowds arrive, I’m out of here.

And now welcome to Malta which looks as if it were assembled for our viewing pleasure. Sounds a bit like Italy.

Photo: MK

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


    1. Thank you, Joanne! 🙂 Ohh no no, no escaping, we are in the middle of it. About 37 C here. Imagine: no air-conditioning because it’s out of gas, windows open, the sound of cicadas, a multitude of fluttering butterflies, too hot for comfort, and a zing of a swallow here and there. No cloud, no breeze, no salvation. 😮


    1. Hihih, I think knights genetically chase ladies in the street. 😀 I’ll make sure uncle sees this. Thanks, Jan! (Btw, did you send me the updated version of the book yet? Did get anything.)


  1. Bravo to your Uncle for capturing these beauties and for sharing them with you. That bright red one stands out the most from this batch.
    Hope you can stay cool, and try not to melt in the heat over there 😉

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    1. Thank you so much, Ishita! This time the photos are by my uncle, I haven’t been to Malta yet. And, I’ve had your post open before you commented here. 😉 So great that you did a Rome door post! Looking forward to reading it.

      Liked by 1 person

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