Friendly floral Friday

Scorching greetings on another Friendly Friday! Today and two weeks from now I shall stand in for Snow Melts Somewhere as the host of the Friendly Friday photo challenge. Today we go floral.

Think of me as her right hand, or the executioner, since it is still her who is calling the shots. This week she said floral, and so it shall be.

I was happy to be asked to help out Snow with this challenge, because it’s quite possibly my favourite and I have not missed out a single Friday since she and Amanda started it in January. Oh my, that’s six months already!

I said “Long live Friendly Friday Photo Challenge!” then and I’m saying it again.

Please join in! Not necessarily with twenty photos, that’s just my norm, one is enough. It would be fun though.

Here’s how:

  1. Leave the link to your post in the comments section of this post.
  2. Remember to include a pingback in your post!

It’s that simple!

You’re welcome to add our logo to your post, too, but that’s entirely optional. You can also add the WordPress tag Friendly Friday so that people can find your post more easily in their feed.

Please check out other participants’ posts because that’s the most fun part!

There’s no deadline for participating and the challenge is open for all. Next week Friendly Friday will be hosted by Amanda.

And now my floral selection. It shows blossom progression from the end of February (first two photos) to mid June (last two bougainvillea photos). Only these two and one more are from Rome, all the others are from my dog walks very near my home in southern Tuscany.

I like to equip my photos with some mildly amusing commentary but today I shan’t, neither identify the plants. I’ll let you just soak it in and hopefully be inspired to show us your favourite floral moments. Everybody welcome to take part! See in you two weeks! (Photos grow upon contact.)

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, standing in for The Snow Melts Somewhere

Created with Adobe Spark


  1. Awesome blooms, Manja. Fantastic for the eyes. I like the red roses against the sandstone or rendered wall, even though I am not usually a fan of roses. Happy Friendly Friday. Enjoy your time with Uncle.

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  2. “Please join in! Not necessarily with twenty photos, that’s just my norm, one is enough.” That so made me laugh, Manja. I save your posts and settle in to read. Always–your photos and your captions–so much fun.

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    1. Ohh, you’re here, SMSW! Good! And thank you! Here it’s 35 degrees at least and we’re being cooked on low fire. I think earlier my main line dropped just because of the heat. Fluttering butterflies outside the window are such a strange sight. I guess they wish to be a little cooler too. Enjoy your 20’s! 😉 And have a great weekend, here all under control!

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    1. Oooo wintery! Good to hear that anything wintery still remains. We are slowly baking at 35 and in the night it’s not much better. And our air-con is out of service! Send snowflakes! 🙂 Thank you, Draco, I’m so glad that you enjoyed these!


  3. How great you will be a guest host, Manja! And flowers…well – your gallery is most inspiring! I love it when there is a multitude, a mass effect! Let’s see what I can find…

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  4. Very cool, Manja. Is this a weekly theme and you post one on Friday? I missed the first one (I was on the road for two weeks). I’ll have something for your next Friendly Friday.

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