Happy birthday, grandpa!

As I wrote on Facebook a few years ago: “Grandfather’s birthday today. And Canada’s. Further celebrating celebrities: Lady Di, Debbie Harry, Pamela Anderson and Missy Elliott. Grandma kicks all their asses.”

To the man with the good taste, my grandfather Janez:

Isn’t she a bit like Ingrid Bergman?

You would be 103 years old today. I have your son here and could check this info with him. And your daughter, my mother, has carried your combined smile all the way over to me.

Grandpa, your children are still the best of friends.

Here are two photos that I keep repeating on every blog but they are pretty spectacular and my father is to be praised for them. In the first, my entire mother’s side of the family (in the same garden that follows), and in the second I with both sets of grandparents on a trip:

And now here are some photos from your garden in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I grew up, full of lovely memories. There is also one of your old house where you raised your family, and the last photo is from where you rest now. You’ll be happy to see the garden still looking great, with some minor surprises. (No, we didn’t put in a swimming-pool. Yet.)

Grandpa, as you can see, all is well even though I’m a bit far. But no worries, I’ll always be coming back. Thank you for everything but especially for the garden. Oh! And daughter!


    1. 😉 Thank you, cara Kara. The legacy is indeed a bounty. Here are images from various parties, though. We tend to do it a lot. 😀 (Unless you meant this entire post as a party because it surely is.)


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