Lens-Artists PC: Windows to serenity

Serenity can be many things. Today I proclaim it to be these twenty photos with at least one window: ten from the capital of Slovenia plus ten from the Slovenian coast and Trieste.

There is one more thing that combines all these photos: all were taken in July last year, the first of two months I spent in my country of origin.

Every month I have a look at the same month last year to see what is coming up, and then I make the post with my favourite photos from a year ago for my Calendar. Today’s post is not my official calendar post but I came up with more than 100 “favourite” photos, so I’ll spread them through several posts. This is the first.

Welcome to Ljubljana and Piran then, with one photo from Nova vas and one from Trieste. These are some scenes that make me serene and glad to be able to return as often as I do.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Tina of travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com: Serenity


      1. Some of these writers are almost impossible to identify, which is one of the reasons I started writing about them in Bristol, so that people could research and find out who the artists are.

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      2. Just now I spent quite a while trying to get some info on it online but no luck. I did the image search too. I understand how you must feel sometimes. You’re doing a mighty fine job with your blog.

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      1. That is amazing. What a talent. Can I commission him to make me one? I so love it. I saw something like this – only make with real glass for over $1000 here recently.

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      2. That electrician made only this one. It’s a unique design after my father’s idea and sketch. Father says that he will take some detailed photos and you can share them with your trusted electrician. You just need to drink many such white-bottled sparkling wines. 😉


  1. When I saw ‘windows’ in the title, I just knew there were going to be shutters and laundry! … and you delivered 🙂
    The Vurnik House = stunning.
    Photo with the laundry strung between 2 shuttered windows = gold metal winner 🏅

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