Thursday Doors, 4/7/19: Trieste

Yesterday, as I was making ready my father’s birthday post, I realised that I had never posted the second part of my Trieste doors. Naughty.

A year ago father took me to Trieste by boat from Piran on a day trip. It was a hot but overall pleasant day with some nice discoveries and treats. The first part of Trieste doors I posted on my previous blog, here is the second.

Trieste is a mixed bag of bones with heavy history, especially for a Slovenian living in Italy such as me. I hear the Chinese are coming next and it will soon be them saying “Trst je naš.” (Trieste is ours in Slovenian.)

Better we focus on Mr. Joyce. James Joyce lived in Trieste for more than 15 years and if you visit you can follow his trail around the city. In the first Thursday Doors (and my yesterday’s post) you could see his monument, and today we pass a place where he lived and worked, and a certain place of public unrest. Curious? Have a look. Most of the doors have nothing to do with him, though.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. If I commented on each photo I simply loved, my comment would be as long as your post. There is just so much visual interest – like the music building with the bars – and the hoped-for restaurant that was closed. Did you notice the little fish over the door?

    You wow me each and every time.

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  2. One thing that Thursday Doors has taught me is that there are more beautiful places in this world than I will ever have time to see. Frankly, Trieste would have never been on my radar if not for you. Thanks for enlightening me 😀
    I keep circling back to the wonderful facades in the first and last shots; those buildings are stunning.
    Excellent collection!

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  3. So beautiful! I love it! The Mister went in December and that’s when we should go 😉 So many beautiful sights, so many beautiful details — as with much of what I’ve seen in Italy photos, lots of golden light and warm colors.

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    1. Thank you, Joey! Oooo, December can be really bitchy, with the strong and chilly bora wind. Ask amore, he got sick the moment he crossed the border and stepped out of the car to buy the road toll sticker for Slovenia.


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