Between the Friendly Friday lines

“Are you really a witch?” Amanda asked. “Depends what you mean by really,” I replied. “I can make you feel better without potions, even though red wine is recommended.”

This (real) conversation with today’s Friendly Friday host Amanda at Something to Ponder About happened yesterday after I asked her about today’s theme just as she was pondering whether to give me a hint.

She sent me her photo of the sky with lines created by the sun on the rise and told me the theme: between the lines. Just glorious, I thought, all these nuances and meanings! Unsurprisingly, my compilation came up by itself with my minimum interference.

“I like the idea of a witch with red wine healing potions,” Amanda said in closing.

“Or sparkling wine in nice bottles,” I added. You know, for the light fixture.

Have a look. Clicking on a photo will display it in the gallery in full. For the next Friendly Friday challenge I will gather your links right here on my blog again!

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About

Friendly Friday


  1. A really impressive collection here, Manja. Smaller details keep emerging when you look deeper into the photographs. Your captions are now legendary! How funny with the kangaroo sign? Surely someone with an ironic sense of humor. My favourite: the champagne light of course?

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  2. Oh, definitely the champagne lights! What a great idea. Everyone would look good in that lighting. 😀 The snails–they all stick on together like that? Very intriguing.

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    1. Hehe, Draco, thank you. No, it was Austria on purpose. I should explain but the caption was getting long and twisted. In Austria a certain t-shirt is very popular: “No kangaroos in Austria.” Apparently it’s a common query by visitors. 😀


  3. So much beauty and story in all your shots, Manja! I love all the photos but I think the orange bird sitting on the wire is my most favorite…a stunning capture:) And what a hearty conversation about witches and wines…loved it!

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