Pic and a Word Challenge #194: Two towers

I never told you how it was when I played Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in front of the national audience, did I?

Neither I shall, except for the fact that the “Quick fingers” game that got me the hot seat was to arrange these words in a sensible order: towers, two, rings, lord, of, the, the the (well, in Slovenian these are four words). I haven’t read the book but I was the fastest and became the contestant for one entire episode of 45 minutes.

Okay, a bit about how it went:


Suffice to say,
I knew it wouldn’t end all that well
when instead of the studio of the commercial TV
I entered the Telekom building
and demanded to be showed the set.

Well, they are near.

If you insist and want to know more
I only tell you
that the Pope did me in
and his summer residence.

Damn Castel Gandolfo
and damn Castel del Monte
because these were the only two options left.

You don’t know which one is correct either?

Take a pick.

The only consolation,
feeble at that,
is that there is a dormant supervolcano
under the correct one.

The one I didn’t say.

I know, it IS stretching it, but this was the first thought to towers. The second was of the day we visited two towers. It was the only time I was in Lucca, enough years ago that I still had my first ever digital camera, Canon. But first we had to see the most famous tower. There is no doubt where my preference lies.

In the first photo you can see my wider territory. Trieste is all the way up there with (unmentioned) Slovenia around it, but the big peninsula underneath – Istria – is mainly in Croatia yet. Rome is all the way down. Corsica is the biggest island pictured (it’s French so it doesn’t get a name). Today I take you to Pisa and Lucca in the middle of this picture. And next week I’ll travel up and to the right again, all the way to Slovenia.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #194: Towers


    1. Thank you, Irma. Indeed! Yes, they planted them on purpose, to hail a family or something. I did read about it but it’s too hot to write its history here as if it was some kind of school. 😉 Be so kind and google the name Guinigi tower and read about it.

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      1. Too hot to write about its history!! I am so so sorry it’s that hot, and I’m so sorry not to feel empathy rather than amusement, but my dear friend, this sentence made me laugh out loud! That is the hottest I’ve ever heard of: too hot to write. It’s brilliant. But do take care and I hope it’s cooler where you are now. Hugs

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hihihh, thank you, Crystal. Well, I did manage to write a little but it was definitely too hot to do any kind of research. 😀 I’m always happy to make you chuckle. Now it’s much better indeed. I’m wearing my cardigan and long pants, inside. 😀

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