Lens-Artists PC: Devil in the details

Sometimes a day comes together just right and yesterday was one such. The pinnacle was the third and last part of the exhibition Parallel Worlds at the Ljubljana Castle. Here are some details from there.

Today’s post is a bit outside my usual landscapes, doors and beasties. I bring you certain details as a result of the creative genius of Alan Hranitelj, Slovenian costume designer with almost 400 completed projects, including costumes for Cirque de Soleil (for their Zarkana stage production).

Some of his costumes and art pieces are displayed at the Ljubljana Castle, above the capital of Slovenia. Fitting and befitting. Warmly recommended. Up there till September.

My photos are from the last room with several incredible ensembles, each in its own compartment with a mirror on top. This collection is called The Mad Hatter’s Wardrobe.

I find it especially poignant that what appears to be the only woman among the men – in the featured photo – has flamingos for company. She doesn’t have cufflinks but that’s where my eyes were drawn the most. Have a look.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Patti of pilotfishblog.com: Detail


    1. Oh! I’m impressed that you know of him at all. Frankly, I thought he might be Croatian as well. 😀 He was born in Croatia. But I checked and on his site it says Slovenian. Thank you, Verne, I’m glad that you can see how particular this occasion was.

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      1. Ohh, I did a quick search and immediately found some gorgeous stuff by her. That bull, and the teapot, and the cat! ❤ Just lovely. Thank you so much for the recommendation, didn't know her name before that.

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      1. I am going there for work so for this time I will have to skip on Piran but of course if you’ll be there I would love to meet you in person. Just for info I will also be back in Rome from the 29th of July until the 5th of August! Somehow, somewhere, we’ll meet 😊💪

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  1. This is absolutely exquisite!! How I wish I could go to see it – all that detail is just amazing. I like the idea of having put mirrors on the top. Not only does it help to see the details on top, but it enhances that illusion of a dreamscape.

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