Thursday Doors, 18/7/19: Slomškova St., Ljubljana

All these doors can be found strolling along a single street in the centre of the capital of Slovenia. For some reason I haven’t done it before last week.

While in his today’s Thursday Doors post Norm is reminiscing about Pitigliano, his amour, I’m back in my country of origin for a while, feeling fresh, funky and fired (I’d say tired but I have an f-thing going).

Today doors are from one Ljubljana street which at first is called Pražakova (first three photos) and then changes the name into Slomškova.

I have never taken photos of these doors. Not that they are as spectacular as our final destination of the day – the amazing costume exhibition at the Ljubljana Castle from my previous post – but I was glad to see them, capture them and explain to my slightly dubious friend what makes them interesting for my camera.

You will notice that as we were nearing Metelkova, the alternative city hub, the doors got more and more written on. I’m sorry to all who don’t like it.

Sometimes I yearn for the times when graffiti meant fun, funny, spiteful, poignant social commentary that we would quote for decades (“I’m not from here” in Bosnian, “I’m a little sad”, “It’s sunny and your hair is a mess”, “Ivan, make your own damn coffee” since Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar famously wrote of the time his mother made him coffee and he snapped at her: “Not now!”) – but then I remember that at that time there were no astounding artistic murals either that you can see now in so many places (in Ljubljana maybe less than in some other cities).

Here are some doors then that make a city as well.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


    1. Thank you, Lois. I found it funny to chat with my friend and snap at them at the same time. He was polite but on some occasions not clear what I was after. And I clicked much less than I’d do if I were alone. 😀


      1. I did find the loco. I was focused on the door, and I missed it. I crawled through the gallery a second time, after I made the comment. I knew it had to be there, but I kept thinking it would be in the reflection.

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    1. Hehe, I love it too. Thanks, Bojana. I remember dashing through Belgrade one of the two times there. I had half an hour to spare after returning from Romania a long time ago. I saw many funny graffiti and took some photos but it was predigital and I don’t have them with me now. (The other time was for AC/DC and Kuća cveća. It was closed.)

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    1. Jaaa, Ninči, we did! Mir said: “Imagine this entire house as only one apartment.” I said: “Yes, and then all you do all days is walk up and down.” I liked the house but for some reason didn’t take any photos… Next time. Thanks for the article!


  1. I agree with you about the painterly one. It’s an inviting scene that suggests warm lazy summer afternoons with a jug of sangria in the shade of a large tree 🙂

    Overall, a very different mix of doors compared to Italy. The arched door with the wavy transom is quite interesting. I like!!

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