Pic and a Word Challenge #196: No man is an island

Find an island to survive. Today a doomly poem and a selection of island photos.


“Looming extinction does not invalidate basic morality. Help others.”
-From an online forum

No man is an island
and yet in my mind
I see islands forming.

Islands of happy survivors
standing on their own two feet
turning their backs to all there is.

I see it’s not just in my mind,
it’s happening already
but these islands are offline.

I recommend that every one of us
learns of the closest island
for when the time comes.

They will not come.
You will have to go.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #196: Islands


  1. I’ve always wanted to live on an island. I think I would like the separation and I would love to be surrounded by water and beaches and maybe one side could have some cliffs with caves in them. Also I would have to have boat or maybe more than one. Well, that’s just one of my daydreams.

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      1. Haha! And I wonder why you must end words in vocals all the time. 😀 Only the Spaniards are even worse: they must put an ‘e’ in front of a bunch of consonants or they can’t even say it, for example Eslovenia. 😉

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    1. Thank you, Amy. On that day on the Krk the air was especially clear. My dad took only the one before last, and the last was taken by their friend. I love it how happy they are in this photo.


  2. I love your poem! You’ve said beautifully the tragedy that is happening with people only being concerned about themselves. None of us are islands! Even real islands are affected by weather and happenings on the mainland. Beautiful pictures as always although the one with the boat on its side is so tragic.

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      1. I’m sure he would be honored! I knew the title was from somewhere famous but I didn’t know from where. Thank you for this education! I’ve looked up John Donne and didn’t realize I had known his work just not his name!

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      2. I was rather surprised when I googled the quotation and it led to him. I had these words in my mind all along, thinking it was Hemingway or someone much more contemporary. 😀 Alas, it was Mr. Donne who was the first poet to be discussed in my university English classes.

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