Pic and a Word Challenge #197: Fathering

Today’s post is dedicated to fathers: mine, him, his, yours and fathers everywhere.

First a little thank you.


I will never be
a mother,
let alone a father.
So I don’t know
the half of it.
I only know
how to be lucky
to have one
and follow in his footsteps.

Here is my father walking in the Giardino dei tarocchi – which makes it the third photo from this garden to be featured in the last four posts – and some other fathers in action, ending with several that my camera caught randomly while fathering. I thank you all.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #197: Fathers


  1. Wonderful photos! I especially like the two of your father with his basketball team. I don’t know which part is better – having a wonderful father or being a wonderful father. I’m thinking it’s the former since for the latter, you don’t know until very late in life. But having a wonderful father, you know from childhood.

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  2. Very sweet ode to fathers. AND, the photo of “a refreshment in Ljubljana by the river” is exactly where my daughter and I went to celebrate with a glass of wine when she got her very first job offer! I will never forget that cute place!

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