Pic and a Word Challenge #198: Beak on!

Quickly, as long as I have a minute, let me take care of this week’s challenge immediately: To beak on or to beacon, that’s the question.

Problems with English

I love Patrick’s one-word prompts
but today
I saw “Beacons”
and read it as:
bee cons,
be aco(r)ns,
beak ons,
something to do with bik (bull in Slovenian),
big ones,
anything but beacons
because frankly
I wouldn’t know how to use one in a sentence,
unless it’s what the Statue of Liberty is holding.

And now seriously, see his photo and read his poem, the last stanza is a marvel.

Here is a creature with its beak on that I spotted suddenly earlier this month at 10 am a few steps from my Tuscan home. It was the first such sighting.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #198: Beacons


  1. Oh great capture! I’m so glad you spotted the owl soon enough to get an unblurred shot. The one in which it’s staring directly at you, assessing your threat level, is perfect. ❤ I think your interpretation of the challenge word is neat. You have that advantage, not being as familiar with how some English words and phrases are used with alternate meanings. It opens your mind up to imagine what else….and then you see all kinds of possibilities I never would have thought of. I'm afraid I might think of owls next time I see Lady Liberty.

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