Thursday Doors, 1/8/19: Vidov brejg, Fokovci

They say Slovenia has the shape of a hen. Two days ago we were in its head where the Pannonian basin touches Slovenia, in the region called Prekmurje.

Among other things we saw storks, visited a mineral water source (but didn’t taste it, the smell was too strong), the Hundertwasser exhibition in the Lendava castle, the Vinarium tower with the view of four states (Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria), a rather magnificent modern mosaic in the church of St. Helen, and had lunch in Dubrovnik (ooops, Dobrovnik, happens all the time).

But two visits stood out: my friend and guide Sabina, who I haven’t seen for so many years and who did a great job showing us around her corner of the world, took us to a little shop with regional organic products, the walls of which she helped cover with mud and straw in the traditional style with her own hands, and brought us to the estate that I feature today which she helped plant as well.

As you will see today and on a coming Thursday, these two establishments won the door contest of the day too.

My friend’s friends bought this house, built in 1927, not so long ago and they are slowly turning it into a revitalisation centre with great vision and plans. The estate already carries the name (in local dialect) Vidov brejg and organic products – for now manufactured elsewhere but the production will move here with time – such as delicious syrup from Purple Coneflower which we tasted and brought home, are already on sale.

The house is happily called Moj mir (“My peace”) and this is what emanates from every corner of the place, including the goats and sheep who have helped tame the wilderness around the house, the huge garden with sunflowers, edible roses and all sorts of plants, and the cellar which will be turned into a shop.

The whole idea for our trip started when my friend posted a photo of the villa’s front door on Facebook. Beware! When I see the door I like, I pounce. (Click on a photo to see them bigger in a horizontal gallery.)

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. Yes, I totally get your reaction. Seeing that main door would have piqued my interest too. As I’m sure they know, they have a lot of work ahead of them. I envy their ambition and energy. If I was 20 years younger and my body not so broken, this kind of a project would be my dream job.

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    1. True, Norm. Thank you! What I love the most about this part of Slovenia, besides the welcoming and generous people, is how closely connected and cooperating they are. It’s great to see how they help each other. No doubt therein lies the success.

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  2. Fantastic doors. I love the sound of making homes the traditional way with mud and daub! Wish I had that expertise in a friend. The mannequin on the bed must have had far too much ‘slamnik’ – lol. Love the name.

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