Thursday Doors, 8/8/19: Piran

Long time no Piran and its doors. Well, since March. But today they come with the special door model.

Last month, upon returning to Piran on the Slovenian coast for the first time this year, we had to choose a place for dinner. We were meeting one of my two best university friends (featured above) who has been living in the UK with her Scottish husband for many years. Nowadays we only meet once a year but as she said: better once than not at all.

My and her parents went as well, so my father did some research, came up with this video and proclaimed Fritolin pri Cantini the winner for our dinner choice:

I don’t have any food photos (for a good reason, I preferred to eat), but let me just say, it was exactly like this. The funniest part of this video is how they missed the saltworks and found themselves on the border with Croatia and had to backtrack because their rent-a-car didn’t include Croatia. 😀 Anyway, thank you for the hint!

But I do have some door photos. Have a look. (If you want to see better, click on any photo.)

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. A quick door dash in dying daylight – now that’s my kind of alliteration 😀
    You found some beauties and the town looks delightful from what I saw in the video. Add to that food that was so good you were too busy eating it to take pictures, and time spent with old friends, I’d guess you had a truly wonderful day.

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  2. Wonderful doors! The video is great. I love how they are completely startled that they like the little fried fish. That whole plate looks amazing and I would not be able to keep filming as they are, without eating. Also…I recognize the architecture of Piran from your photos, but how different it looks in a video. I have a much better sense of how it feels to be on the streets.

    Question! I keep seeing photos in your posts with a giant smiley face over the top of the photo so I can’t see it. I think I’ll go check this post out on your site and not on the Reader, and see if that makes a difference.

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    1. Hihi, I’m glad that you have been around and that the mystery is solved. 😀 But tell me, why don’t you read my blog on my beautiful site to begin with and not on the boring Reader? 😉 I always visit people’s blogs directly, don’t like to use Reader to browse them. I have never heard of this problem. Maybe I shouldn’t use smileys in captions as much. 😀 In any case, I’m very glad that you’re reading, any which way you choose! Grazie!

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      1. Oh I usually like the blog directly. People put so much work into making them beautiful. But I was SO FAR BEHIND on yours! When I use the Reader, I can quickly scan back to my last “like” so I know where to begin. Then it’s a quicker navigation if half my battle is to see as much as possible. If I go to your actual site, I get lost in the beauty and the words and the joy….and I’ll spend 20 minutes on each post. I would never catch up, ha ha.

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