Friendly Friday fakery

Take a break and make Jake bake fake cake. Snow Melts Somewhere is back and asks us about fake.

Still on a break in Slovenia but I wish to celebrate Friendly Friday and Snow back in the saddle. It was a joy to fill in for her on three Fridays but I wish to state for the record that the themes still came from her, I was just the executioner.

As for this week, I don’t like the word and concept of fake as such but I like my teeth and I’m sure the responses will be fascinating and thought-provoking.

I decided to take three photos of mine with “potential” (I hate this word too) from last August (the August post for my Calendar 2018 will be coming shortly) and quickly give them as harsh edit twist as I allow myself before appearing fake.

I know that every photographer has different levels of skills, limits and rules and only they will know what all had to be altered for a photo to appear “perfect”. I don’t like eliminating anything from my photos that was there or adding things that weren’t, such as the perfect sky. Neither I like filters. Today is an exception and here is my Adriatic sea at Piran as fake as it gets.

The first photo of the pair is always the original and the second is “fake”.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere

Created with Adobe Spark


  1. I confess I like the fake of the last set because it looks like a hyper-real painting. I guess this exposes me somehow. I don’t like fake people in any disguise but I’m easily faked-out by photo tomfoolery.

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    1. Thank you, Susanne. I think we all are, fooled by the photo fakery on the daily basis. In this post I played along, but I’m making it my goal to take good photos as if editing doesn’t exist, rather than make them good in post procession.

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    1. No surprises there, Lisa. 🙂 You know the sea and how lovely it gets all on its own. And I must say that your new profile photo is the happiest thing I have seen in a long time. Natural glorious happy you. ❤ I'm happier just knowing you exist.

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  2. Beautiful shots here Manja. You never fail to disappoint. No fakery here in your original, just embellishments for the eye – in the adjusted photos. That is to account for viewing the photos via a computer or phone screen of course. Acceptable fakery…. that is a term that is strange but fun.

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    1. Thank you so much, Lorelle! I was playing on purpose for this post but normally I only use a filter if the sky in my photo is really bad (which happens quite often. My camera hates the sky and whitens it out so often.)


  3. Interesting use of the word “fake”, maybe we are so used to edited, and manipulated we don’t regard “improved” images as fake. I have a vague idea that there’s a big nature photography competition that says the entires cannot be manipulated and there was a big fuss when a winner has supposedly used a stuffed anteater in his picture…now that opens up all sorts of questions about fakery! lol!!

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    1. Hhaha! Stuffed anteater! 😀 I haven’t heard of this case but often a winner of a photo contest is exposed as a fraud for having edited out people from (documentary) photos, for example. I like it that there are as many ways about it as there are people taking photos, so we can choose. Thanks, Emma!

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    1. Hehe, Joey, it merely says that you’ve been culturally moulded. Fake is everywhere. I hope you’re doing fine. Here it’s been all sorts of not optimal. The latest was my messed up big toe nail yesterday which required a surgery. :p

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