Thursday Doors, 15/8/19: Loka pri Mengšu

Since our door selector Norm liked my last week’s door dash in dying daylight, here is one more, featuring a church and a castle that I had never seen before.

We start where we finished three weeks ago, at the end of the Volčji Potok Arboretum tour near the capital of Slovenia:

The rear door into a whale.

Then my biologist friend who took me there – and celebrated her birthday yesterday with a dash in dying daylight of her own in Venice! – asked me if I wished to see a castle with the name I had never heard before, Jable (or Jablje). There was a church on the way and I just had to de-door it as well.

Both are situated in the little town called Loka pri Mengšu (near Mengeš). As you will see, they are in fear of their doors there. I know, those pesky photo door predators!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. Another beautiful array of photographs which took me into another world so different to my own. I loved the stunning photos of the mountains, which are quite a novelty for me. It’s intriguing why their doors are half covered up and my guess would be flooding. Wonder if someone will set us straight.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Best wishes,

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      1. It’s interesting what you miss when you move away from home and how these aspects of the landscape can feel a part of you. The beach and the ocean feel a part of me and I love living right near the beach. That said, I also love the cultural aspects of Europe and the historic architecture. I have a few friends travelling through Europe at the moment and I’ve loving seeing their photos on Facebook but I’d also love to be there.
        Best wishes,

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  2. Do you not hate it when people can’t see the whole picture and put wires, trash cans, and newspaper dispensers in front of historical or beautiful buildings that the city wants you to come to see and most likely photograph and share? You were brilliant and found a way to conceal that ugly trash can!

    It looks wonderful there! I’m working on He-Man for a 2021 trip to Slovenia. I’m pushing hard for it, so…maybe!

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  3. This Canadian thanks you for your efforts but just so you know, that is NOT a sugar maple so don’t try to tap that tree and boil the sap into syrup…it probably won’t taste very good 😀
    On another note, now I absolutely have to know WHY on earth are they half-covering those doors like this?
    *Cues ‘Mission Impossible’ theme music* Your mission, should you choose to accept….

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    1. Hihi, well, Norm, I’m glad I got the maple part right! It is really peculiar, these half covered doors. Only we know how many doors we have seen and this is the first time I see something like this. If I’m in the neighbourhood, I’ll ask around. 😉

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