Thursday Doors, 22/8/19: Manja Mexi Moving door mix

It’s hard to believe it but I’ve filled up this blog as well, my fourth. Before it bursts at the seams, here is my selection of past Thursday Doors that I really like.

Since I’m still in my country of origin, I don’t even have time to set up my new blog. Until I do, I’ll just keep posting selections of photos from previous posts.

I’ve only had this blog since January 1st and it’s full already. Disgrace. I rather like it but I think I’ll change it all up again, just to be kept nicely busy. You will be notified of the new blog as soon as it’s up.

As for this one, it will remain as is, just like all my previous blogs. The three links are hidden in About me.

All these door photos have been posted on this blog on a past Thursday. Captions are mostly left as they were in the original posts to make up one non-sensical poem. Locations are given in tags and you can play match up (or ask if you can’t find the related post).

I really hope that we keep seeing each other in the new space, my fifth blog, since doors are everlasting and never-ending.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. I recognized several of these doors. It’s always nice to revisit some old favourites.
    I don’t remember the gates though with the figures of people in the wrought iron. Very striking!!

    Looking forward to seeing you at your new digs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful to revisit some of these classics. I’m surprised at how many of these I recognized/remembered. The traffic light mailboxes shows a playful sense of humour. The intricate inronwork on the arched door is majestic.
    Good luck with the blog move! If I could I’d come and help you pack boxes 😉
    Lord knows the post-move pizza and beer party would be legendary.

    Liked by 1 person

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