Friendly Friday tourism

I will cheat a little and repost a bunch of photos that I have posted this year on various Friendly Fridays already. The reasons are that I’m still travelling and that this blog is coming to an end.

As all good things, this blog is about to burst at the height of its glory (heh) and will retire soon. By next Friday I hope to have a new blog. In the meantime, here are some of my thoughts on tourism and overtourism, since this is the theme that Snow Melts Somewhere called for this week.

Overtourism is a bit like overpopulation: you (and everybody else) don’t quite believe that it’s you who are excessive, over the limit, over the top.

“Can’t be me, I only have one child.” “I only travel to a conference twice a year and then stay there for a while. Well, a month.” “I only fly when I really have to, overseas. How often? Oh… once in the summer, once in the winter. Oh, and for holidays.”

The fact is that many (young) people not only travel to a place just to shake their ass on instagram – their biggest wish is to build the career on it.

For them, and for everybody else, here are some worthy ass-shaking places. Mass tourism is yet to hit Slovenia full on but recently its name is mentioned everywhere one looks. First ten photos are from there, and the rest from Italy where tourism is industry.

If you click on a photo to view them in the gallery, the captions won’t make much sense because they are left from the original posts.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere

Created with Adobe Spark


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