Lens-Artists PC: Framed frames

Since this blog is dangerously close to its 3 GB limit and my new blog is not ready yet, I continue cheating by selecting photos that have been posted before.

All today’s photos have been posted for various Lens-Artists photo challenges this year already but they still answer to the theme of framing the shot which Amy has selected this week.

My next blog with the mysterious sounding URL https://mexcessive.photo.blog/ has yet to be launched, but oh, I know, I can give away its new name. Let me introduce myself: I’m Manja Mexi Mexcessive. No diggity, no doubt. 😀

And now have a look at what frames my eye chooses somewhat subconsciously, since it’s never predetermined, and see if you remember any of them. The last photo is by dad, taken on his and mom’s first visit to Tuscany. It was my birthday and they were the surprise.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Amy at THE WORLD IS A BOOK…: Framing the Shot


      1. Great! Only now I realise that I chose the same theme as your blog has! I was wondering where I have seen it. I must have admired nice big photos on your blog and wished to have the same. 😀 Never before I noticed this theme, Pictorico. Thank you for the inspiration!


  1. You have picked some excellent photos to re-visit, Manja Mexcessive! All so very interesting. I like the way you framed the shots. Hmm that gives me an idea for this weeks Freindly Friday Photo Challenge PRompt.

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    1. Done! 🙂 Today’s Thursday Doors are there already! From a certain town that you will remember. It might have been this comment of yours that spurred me on. Thanks for that! (My link is in moderation on your blog, probably because it contains two links.)

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  2. I’m in awe with these collection, MM. The windshield is so cool. I love these photos of framed by window frames and by nature. Framed dreamscape is just stunning. Thank you so much for joining in! 🙂

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  3. Mexcessive–you are so funny! Everyone was my favorite….until the next one. I do like the peek of the little bird cage and the Christmas tree photos, especially. All good ones, though, Manja.

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      1. FYI I have a second blog site, little used, but I can store images there and add them to my main site posts via URL. I can’t do galleries of photos but at least it saves on storage cost. I wish they had a better cost structure. It seems like all or nothing. A lot of us are just regular folks trying to express themselves.

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  4. These are all just wow, Manja! Love them so much, what a grand gallery! Favorites…almost impossible, but maybe Framed by frames, Dreamscape – and of course that Rome windshield!

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  5. These are all beautifully framed and very creative MMM. I really enjoyed them and hadn’t seen them before. BTW you are very brave to start a new blog – do you have to start over with followers or do they come over automatically???

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    1. Thank you very much, Tina. 🙂 These were all posted for various Lens-Artists challenges this year. Well, I start a new blog every year, it seems, as the free one get full soon. Indeed I need to start over with followers. Many have been the same through all my five blogs. As you know, most of the followers are not active and I don’t mind losing those, but the active ones move with me.


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