About me

My name is Manja, people call me Mexi, and with moving as such I’m done: from Slovenia to Tuscany, of all places, five years ago and counting. 

My colour scheme.

I’m merely moving my blogging presence again, for the fourth time. I like to post photos and that takes space, so blogs fill up.

My three previous blogs were called Mexi Movie, up to the Third, a pun from my surname Maksimovič, but since I only had a handful of movie posts per year, I better not delude visitors any longer.

Now the setup will make them think this is a food blog.

Oh, neither am I Mexican. It’s an inherited nickname from my father. 

What is to be expected? As we were: door photos on Thursday and friendly posts (mostly, I’m calm and zen until I’m not) on other days. 

I like to show landscapes from around Slovenia, Tuscany, Umbria and Rome as I travel between them often, my dog and a variety of other beasties, my family and loved ones.

I answer the call of several photo challenges, and once in a while burst out in song and dance. I mean, poetry and prose. Pretty much all non-fiction.

As always, welcome all who like to see and hear about things as they are. You see, for the life of me I cannot invent, neither gloss over much. Life is beautiful and crazy enough. 

I’m especially grateful to all those followers who have stuck with me through all my blogs and whom I get to call friends. Thank you!

Lasagna coming up. It rhymes with Manja.