Birding for beginners

I read a blog post in which the blogger complains about going birding somewhere quite exotic and only getting one kind of birds instead of more interesting, rarer kinds. Have a bunch of sparrows, I say.

Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.

Kevin Kruse

Of course, if these aren’t European sparrows but something completely different, do tell. Pardon, Eurasian Tree Sparrows. And why is one different than the other? Is this how nature intended it? As spotted in August in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from SEM (Slovenian Ethnographic Museum) café while eating a cake instead of having it. In (almost) every photo there are more sparrows than you think.


  1. I take a few bird species for granted when birding and sometimes I remember not all countries have them and shouldn’t take them for granted, but Sparrows aren’t one. House Finches, mallards, coots yes but not Sparrows. Their songs are so lovely and many types I only see in the Spring and Winter.

    Your Sparrows and Pine trees are lovely!!

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  2. Love your sparrows – and if you look very closely at their feathers, they are beautifully made out. Had they been a rare species, people would have marveled at their striped wings and beautiful head caps…funny, isn’t it? I have many sparrows in my garden too.

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