Pic and a Word Challenge #191: Being in time

Whenever a kind soul tells me that what I do is art I thank them but remain unconvinced. Because if this is art, then life is art. And it probably is.

Today a short poem as a result of my what-is-art musing, spurred on by the poetry of Mr. James Douglas Morrison who some know as Jim, the singer of The Doors. First a recorded portion of what he did so well, and then my contribution:

O Great Creator Of Being
Grant Us One More Hour To
Perform Our Art
& Perfect Our Lives
~ The Doors, "An American Prayer"
What is art
but being
who you are
where you are
what you do
and shouting:
Is there anybody out there?

When I had a look around my photos to see what to post with this poem, the first three photos below with the red thread connecting them caught my attention. All three were shot in Rome, and so the theme for today was born: Rome with a splash of red (or purple, or orange, or sienna).

These were taken over the last six years, as I am in Rome almost on a monthly basis. Tomatoes will be spilled, heart will be followed and it will end in Redrum.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #191: Being


  1. I like it. A lot. =) ❤

    Reminds me of a quote by David Brin, a writer of science fiction…

    "What good is reason," [the Romantics] sneered, "if it drives out beauty, terror, and vivid emotion? Can a thousand facts compare with the epiphanic moment, when a poet stands tall in a lightning storm, hurling challenges at God?"

    ~ David Brin,
    Science Vs. Magic in the anthology "Otherness"

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    1. Quite, Jan. I’m a never-painter but even to me a photo sometimes looks like a painting. That’s when I’m happy. But I cannot make it happen on purpose. He was a prophet. I love his entire poetry output. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you, Bojana. There are some red artificial birds and some musical notes as decoration. I often pass here when I walk bestia and every time there was something else in this tree. The last time I passed, the tree was no more. 😦

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  2. I love your poem! I have felt that way many a time (especially when I first started on WP) – does that make me an artist? And your collection of photos with this post is one of my favorites –

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  3. Those splashes of red! So eye catching. I will remember that and use it some day in the future: a dash of red pulls all those photos together and my brain is very happy with the continuity, even while the subject matter is varied. 🙂

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