Lens-Artists PC: My 2018 in photos

Leya is asking us for the year 2018 in review and following my blog change I wish to reflect on my last year’s blog and choose some of my favourite moments, because what else are photos if not captured moments for (relative) eternity?

I had fun going through my previous blog to select some of the posts and photos that I’d like you to see (again), but when I got around setting up this post, I got frustrated with technicalities. I don’t like this new editor and my new theme has much fewer options than I’m used to.

So if my regular visitor is not familiar with any of the photos or a newcomer finds it interesting and wishes to see more, you can find the links in the two lists below with descriptions of the photos. (ADD-IT: Before the links were in dark green in captions but they were almost invisible so I deleted them.)

Another thing, peculiar to this theme, is that captions are only visible if you look at the post normally but if you open a photo in the gallery, they disappear. And this doesn’t make me happy at all.

My laziness is legendary and if I choose to break it, then at least my work should be worth it and visible. 😀

By pure chance (really) the first half of the photos is from Slovenia where I lived for 40+ years, and the second from Italy where I live now.

Slovenian moments include:

The ten Italian scenes are as follows:

These twenty glimpses are good representatives of my life. I dare say it’s colourful, abundant and peaceful. Let it stay this way. Always welcome to share it with me.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Leya of To See A World in a Grain of Sand…: Photographic review of 2018


    1. Ahhh, this is not good news. Please, Dan, can you do me a favour? Can you view one post before this one, the one for Thursday Doors, and tell me if you can see the captions there at all? In that post they are white and visible, at least on my phone. Thank you, I’m glad you like the photos.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Joey, good to see you here. I’ve got more than two problems with this theme, but I hate to change it now that it’s all set.

      The option to subscribe does exist though, under each post after the comments, people are using it yet. As for the captions – they are visible but only when you don’t open the gallery to view the photos. In this case they disappear. 😦 In this post captions are all links to posts on my previous blog, that’s why they are dark green, as I explain above in the post. So you can still click them to be transported to the post even though they are barely visible. In other posts captions are white and visible fine until you view the photos in the gallery. I hate it too but haven’t found where to fix this if at all.


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