On the Rome corner

Here it is, the view in all four directions from a corner in Rome’s Monteverde district from this morning.

Imagine, it’s almost freezing but you walk the dog as you do and are rewarded by the lovely winter morning sky.

You spot a seagull. It’s thinking of going skiing.

And then you reach a corner with the following four points of view:

I know what I said about leaving a good taste in your mouth, but it’s reality biting and you better hide your ass.

It’s been worsening since Christmas. Tomorrow is another holiday here, Befana, and we’ll see if they move into action after that. I don’t know enough to give any background but to me it seems as if somebody is forcing somebody to give them more money. Welcome to Italy.


    1. Thanks, Dan, good that you see the captions. The images are great until you reach the South. That scene is so horrible compared to the beauty that surrounds it. And it happens on many corners around here. I hear that school threaten to remain closed on Monday unless this is taken care of. They are afraid of rat invasion.

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      1. Oh, Claudia, I should say rat infestation. My English is funny sometimes. So far none has been reported yet, there are just fears. I really hope they settle this matter before it happens. Thank you for moving over here with me.


      2. I think rat invasion is totally appropriate and actually more descriptive of what happens if you ask me. Around here schools close for hurricanes, snow, ice, power outages – a rat invasion would be a lot of fun for them, right? Something new?

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      3. Both, I guess. And for me, I live across the street from the high school, I could join a neighborhood task force and see what we could add. Maybe the high school marching band could do a Pied Piper thing??

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    1. Thanks, Firehorseworld (any name I can call you by?) and good to see you visit my blog that I’ve just started with the new year. I was thinking the same, at least it’s cold. I come to Rome regularly, in hot months too, and you can see and smell similar scenes (just of shorter duration). Haven’t been to Asia at all yet though. I’m glad you like the sky.

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      1. Tell me, please: did you see at all the captions East, West, North, South on your phone? The South is the trash. I hope I fixed this in the last post when I copied captions in the field for photo titles so that they should be visible when photos are viewed in the gallery as well. I never blog on my phone so I don’t know about that. Once I had a look at my blog on my phone and was angry at the ads so I stopped. 😀

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