Friendly Friday climate change

Change of climate will do you good, they used to say. They were wrong.

This title doesn’t look good together, does it? Nothing friendly about it. Still, climate change is this week’s theme for Friendly Friday photo challenge, and it’s an important, if not crucial one.

Yesterday, even before Snow Melts Somewhere posted her challenge with this theme, I went to the beach.

Instead of going back and comparing it to the same beach six years ago when I arrived here to see whether it’s just in my mind or it was really so much cleaner back then, or showing dried up peach trees, dead sunflowers and cracks in the ground from two previous summers when we had a terrible drought, here is what I saw yesterday.

I’m not in a chirpy, hopeful, cheery etc. frame of mind right now as it is, so I better not say too much.

I hope no young person ever finds this post.

But if you are young, listen: Nah, it’s not true that the earth has had it with us. You will see! The sea will miraculously clean itself of all the plastic, the earth quality will somehow convert back to that from prehistoric times, all the extinct species will return on another Ark if we keep sending prayers, and the ice will make a miraculous comeback just in time to cool everything off again.


(I realise that I posted almost exactly same photos in a post on a similar subject on my previous blog four months ago. I guess nothing has changed since. I can’t believe it’s been four months! Nothing at all has happened since! All of these photos were taken yesterday though.)

Created with Adobe Spark

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere


  1. Nice nature reserve, I guess those people aren’t going to come and clean up their mess – is it a deteriorating beach rental hut?
    You’re right, not a friendly topic, but we can have a friendly chat about it! Loved your captions, as always, and the Ark line made me laugh. Though there’s nothing – nothing!- funny about it all. Like laughing at a funeral…

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      1. Over here the city dumps excess snow in the sea. Truckloads of it, mountains really. Every winter. The problem is, it’s never just snow. There’s all the trash (and dog shit) that accumulate on the sidewalk, too. And the chemicals the city spreads on the sidewalks to make them less slippery.

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