June 2018

Before this June gets out of hand, let’s have a look at last year’s to see what is in store. Or isn’t, since years, seasons and months no longer necessarily resemble each other.

It was quite an eventful month. There was a weekend with two open-door events, a concert, and then my visiting uncle snatched me back to Slovenia for two months, the longest I’ve been away from my present home. In Tuscany. (Ha! Still hard to believe it after six years.)

This year my uncle is coming to take me away again but not before my portrait painted by Donna Stiles (as showed here) is displayed in a gallery in Massa Marittima later this month.

My Calendar 2018 is built by selecting twenty photos from the same month last year. This time I have to add one taken with my phone, which I hate doing but nothing else was available at the special show.

Here is my selection. I wish you a lovely June!

And since I know that you’re dying to hear this show, here it is in a playlist by numbers (not my footage). 😉 And the official poster to match. Ed tells how some years ago when they were in Rome, he drove to Porto Ercole and wrote the song MFC in the car. I had to listen back to make sure that I’d heard correctly. Porto Ercole is right here.


    1. Ahh, aren’t you a kind supporter! Thank you, Bojana! ❤ Submit submit… A hard word. 😀 I'm really glad you think so but I don't have a clear vision what to submit. That's why I blog, I guess. This way I can pack it all and present it any which way I please.

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    1. Thank you for what appears to be your first comment on this blog, Conspicari. 🙂 I’m so glad that Pearl Jam are represented in your home. Ten is Ten, but No Code is my personal favourite. That villa is in Pescia Fiorentina and there are four photos from there. You mean that the first one is your favourite, with the tall trees?

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