Thursday Doors, 6/6/19: Gavorrano

I don’t always have a door dash, but when there is only my investigator for company, I can gather 77 door photos in 25 minutes. Today the first six minutes of it.

Soon after moving to Tuscany six years ago, I saw that Suzanne Vega was about to have a concert in Gavorrano one hour away. The name meant nothing to me and I assumed it was a middle-sized city with avenues and tourist crap by the sea. Obviously I didn’t know yet where I’d moved to.

It took me six years but in April I was in the neighbourhood, saw the sign pointing to it and off I went. Immediately I realised how wrong I was. It’s a hilltop town like many, with gorgeous brickwork like many, with a parade of doors like all.

Since I mention her (I heard her live twelve years ago in Austria), here is the soundtrack: Suzanne’s song about another city. Now that I’ve been around Gavorrano, I cannot imagine where she had her concert, but it must have been amazing.

Today we commence, and at least two more Thursday Doors posts will follow. You know, for Norm. Six minutes was all it took for these twenty images.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. You saved the best for last! Those double doors with the stars on the windows is my favourite 🙂

    It looks like such a lovely town, the streets should be brimming with people strolling around.

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    1. Thank you, Joanne. Well, I suppose in the summer months there are people strolling around, even though it must be really hot then. Also, there are countless towns like this one, and most tourists prefer the usual suspects. Which is good, there are never crowds.

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  2. Another lovely old town with more awesome doors than you can shake a stick at: they’re everywhere!
    Fun post. Looking forward to seeing the rest in upcoming posts.
    *Heads off to consult google maps* 😀

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  3. The magnificent doors and your opening lines make me snarl with envy! It’s just ridiculous you have so many choices while some of us must hunt! Makes me wonder why we even play with you at all! Haha! *takes ball and goes home* 😉
    Investigator at the green door is my fave, because door or Investigator? I’ll never tell!

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