Thursday Doors, 25/7/19: The Volčji Potok Arboretum

For a change, I wasn’t thinking of doors at all during the visit to this glorious, green, scented, deep-breathing botanical wonder near Ljubljana ten days ago, and yet they kept teasing me with them.

I was immersed in the greens and colourful blossoms, inspecting recent hail marks on some hosta leaves, when the first door-resembling object came into view. More followed, even though some were merely painted and some non-existent but according to my accompanying biologist friend clearly members of the door family as well.

The arboretum near Volčji Potok is only 20 km from Ljubljana and provides a lovely respite and a joy to your lungs for 8.5 Eur (or 10 Eur for two visits!) or 1.5 Eur if you are a dog. (Even though I suppose if you pay they cannot prevent you from peeing everywhere, I know mine would so I didn’t bring him.) The park is open since 1952 and here grow 3.500 taxons of plants on 85 hectares. (I have no idea what a taxon is but it sounded important.)

There are also a small butterfly house, a cacti exhibition, an orchid room, a small tower in the middle of an (undemanding) labyrinth, several omni-present illusion set-ups, and – most surprisingly – huge motorised dinosaurs. Alas, no doors on them that I could find.

I posted some dreamy photos from here yesterday, more from here will come on other days but since today is Thursday, we shall concentrate on everything resembling doors and some actual ones. We spent three hours here and could stay much longer. A great idea and execution, Lenča, thanks!

See you right here on my blog tomorrow when I’m hosting Friendly Friday photo challenge for the last time (for now).

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. A whimsical collection of doors, non-doors, and funky brain teasers! I had to go back and search for the ‘bed on the ceiling. Did not see it at first and truly didn’t believe what I’d read. That would be a fun building to explore and reminds me of the door excursion in Washington, DC where we had to find the hidden doors. There were over 100, we only found five or six.

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  2. Looks like a fun place to visit. I like someone’s sense of humour to put a bed on the ceiling. Did you take a ride around on the train? I know I would have taken the train!!!

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    1. Thanks, Norm. No, we were walking around for three hours, quite a walk. It is certainly more comfortable with this train but it’s also great to stop at will under a tree of choice. 🙂 There is almost an entire apartment on that ceiling, phone included. 😀

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  3. That last shot was so unexpected, I loved it. That was on top of several happiness photos, like the arbors, the birdhouse, the arches WITH DOG. Good stuff today.

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  4. Oh gosh you had me laughing out loud at the second paragraph. First of all, dogs should pee in gardens! Maybe not in any indoor parts of the garden, but just let Bestia know that I would have supported the peeing. ha ha. Also “I have no idea what a taxon is, but it sounded important.” Omigosh that’s hilarious. And I have been duly impressed. (Though I too, have no idea what a taxon is, and at this point it’s kinda fun not looking it up.) I particularly liked the windows/doors mounted outside in the garden, and I really like that idea. I tried to find your reflection in the silver balls, ha ha! (I couldn’t) And I was also impressed with the well-trained dog.

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  5. Mystery solved. The photo here, too, captioned “She said look, a door” shows in the Word Press Reader as a photo completely obliterated by a giant smiley face. And again, there is a smiley face in the caption. My guess is that the Reader can’t accommodate emojis. However….on your site it looks perfect. I don’t know if everyone else already knew this effect, but I didn’t, and I am pleased with myself for just having figured it out. Yay! I will give myself a gold star.

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