The wind cries Mary

One year ago we looked out in the evening and witnessed an unusual drama: crazy dance of snowflakes. This year there is just the usual wind.

Last year on the morning after we woke up to this:

…whereas this morning’s walk to the station looked more like this:

The photos are not from today though, it was too cold, but rather from a variety of recent mornings after very windy days. Today was less drastic: no new trees have fallen, but the fences are still more or less in the same state (four months after the strongest wind!) and the smaller trash cans – but not the big one – are lying again. The scene with the bigger one and the cypress trees looks like the aftermath of a Star Wars battle.

One time I spotted somebody taking advantage of the situation:

Elsewhere, for example in Rome where at least two people died, the wind was no laughing matter. Also from the Adriatic coast in Croatia record wind speeds are reported.

I hope that this scene four years ago was the harshest aftermath we will ever encounter around here: upturned heavy wooden table and scattered tangerines, and a pine tree narrowly missing the neighbour’s car.


    1. Oh, on that day it was about 13 degrees C. Now I’m in Rome and it was up to almost 18 today. In the evenings it goes much down again. As I say, the last two photos are from four years ago when the wind was strongest. The rest happens pretty regularly.

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      1. Hehe, I told you for the day that was not cold. The day before, with the cold wind, it was so cold that it took my breath away and I rushed our walk with bestia without any photos. Hard to say about the temperature… probably around 5-7.

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  1. Wow. I did LOL at the precision of the wind and those bins! We had some crazy winds last week — some damage, more power outages, no one injured. Crazy winds. Usually that’s March.

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