Lens-Artists PC: Under the macroscope

This week Leya invites us to come up close and personal with the world around us. I pointed and my camera shot and we didn’t use anything else but the flower button.

Today was a lovely day after a few days of the wicked wind and I did what I never do: I set out into my world with the specific purpose, and the purpose was to take as many close-ups as feasible. I ended up with about 100 photos and here are 22. You will notice that the executive decision was reached to add two photos to my usual count of 20. So it goes.

My camera was quite obedient but it soon became obvious that this kind of photography is hit-and-miss. I never knew which part of the photo would be in focus, I forgot to go into the subject matter, I mean physically, and when I did, I felt like an intruder. It’s not my style, I’m afraid. I prefer a bit of distance.

I believe there are whole new worlds in there waiting to be discovered, and yet I was content to observe all this life waking up and happiest when I found a couple of horses that I haven’t seen before. Alas, they didn’t agree to be macroscoped. I’ll show them another time.

For a real close-up you will have to click on a photo and start the gallery.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Leya of To See A World in a Grain of Sand…: Close-up


  1. Well – good to try new things – and you did so well! I love moss, lichen and bark – and the flowers of course! And who doesn’t love mimosa! I’d love to have it in my garden – but alas…I enjoy your pictures instead.

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    1. Thank you so much, Leya. I’m grateful to you for this challenge, it was lens-opening. 😉 To make you feel better – under the mimosa tree there is always plenty of organic mess when it blooms. 😀


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