Na zdravje, (Ni+Lu)ka!

Today celebrate two people who at first don’t have much in common other than the birthday and the last two letters in their names. One is my oldest friend Nika (in red above), and the other is the NBA rookie sensation Luka Dončić, also called Halleluka, who is Slovenian too.

The math problem in the title she might use to teach maths to her kids in school (unless they are not too young for it).

Next, here is a collection of photos of us three friends, also called Tri gracije (Three Graces) and Trio Adijo (taken by various kind people). The third is my elephant-collecting friend and her birthday is coming in April.

And now, listen to the tune and watch the highlights below (Even those of you who don’t like basketball, just for the feel of it. That’s balls, right there.):

Starting with today, he finally won’t be called the teenage sensation any more. Yes, he turns only twenty! Why his Dallas Mavericks aren’t winning more games, considering that he is simply a rock star, we would need to ask the lords of Capital, I’m afraid. Obviously the Mavs won’t make the playoffs this year. All those scheduled losses are turning my stomach and I bet Luka’s as well.

How does he connect to you, my friend? You used to train basketball too. Luka’s mother used to be a model (like you, hihih). No wonder your kids look alike. See what I mean?

After all, at our last two garden card tournaments your son came second both times. So what are the plans for next year?

While Luka is only smiling…
…your son knows. And there is the nephew too.

And finally, as a reminder, here are two favourite past birthday posts for you with many photos of two places by the Adriatic sea in Croatia: Duba where we used to go every August,

and Island Krk where you spend your summers now:

Happy birthday and na zdravje, Nika! To many more happy moments and together times, and that you finally visit my new home after almost six years here. Cin cin!


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