January 2018

One thing I like to do regularly on my blog is look back at the same month last year. Welcome to the start of my 2018 Calendar.

I’ve been doing this for two years, collecting 20 (at first it was 12) favourite photos from each month, creating lasting memories, safekeeping moments forever gone.

At the end of the year I take one photo from each monthly post for my final calendar. I don’t print it out or anything, it only exists online.

Here are previous results:

This post marks the beginning of the new, 2018 Calendar, and this is how my last year’s January looked like.

Other than grocery shopping and my daily walk to the train station, I didn’t go anywhere. See for yourself if this is a bad thing. As we’ve discovered a few posts ago, I live next to a nature reserve and do my grocery shopping by the flamingo lagoon.

This year, no mimosa yet. In fact, they promise snow in Rome for tomorrow… Let’s wait and see.


    1. Thanks, Gavin, I’m glad you enjoyed them. I like doing this kind of overview, also because it makes me go through all my photos taken in one month, and I can see what I can stop photographing because I have enough of photos already. 😀

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    1. Thank you, Bojana. Well, as I say this is my first record player, I only had cassettes and then CD’s. My parents never had one either. I listened to records at a friend’s house once but lifted the cover during playing and BROKE THE DAMN NEEDLE! My uncle had to buy a new one in Germany and it was expensive! So no, not so nice memories. 😉 (It was Azra playing. Had Sarajevo men teach me about music on the coast. Talking about upbringing. 😉 )

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  1. Aww, bestia is looking so longingly at that seesaw!!! Whenever I see a seesaw now, I think of you two! Haven’t seen any doggy ones over here though!
    How extraordinary to do your grocery shopping next a flamingo lagoon!!! So alien, like you lived on the moon, or a place where anything’s possible 😊

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